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Law Department Efficiency Desktop™

Law Department DeskTop Services

Announcing our NEW DeskTop!



Law Department DeskTop Services (LDDS) is devoted to leveling the technology playing field for corporate law departments.
LDDS’ flagship application, the “Law Department Efficiency DeskTop” (DeskTop), serves as an online dedicated law department portal to facilitate communications and collaboration among in-house and outside legal team members; centralize and provide  easy access to work product; standardize legal processes; implement best practices; and promote efficient knowledge, project and supply chain management.
Please view these brief PowerPoint slides to learn more about the DeskTop, what this unique application does and how it benefits your law department:
The DeskTop is extremely flexible and adaptable to different corporate legal or law-related practices. The following slides show a DeskTop customized for the insurance industry: 

 In The News

Law Department DeskTop Services is pleased to announce that the company has recently secured new venture capital funding.